Why Is The One Show Not On TV Tonight?

Has Alex left the one show?

Alex Jones is taking a two-week break from presenting The One Show so she can spend time with her mother.

The presenter, 43, held back tears as she was surprised by her mother Mary over video call at the end of Friday’s show..

Who will replace Matt on the one show?

KYM Marsh will replace Matt Baker as a co-host on The One Show after quitting Coronation Street. The actress, 43, is going to present alongside Alex Jones on Friday.

Where did Alex Jones get her blouse tonight?

SezaneOn Tuesday’s episode, Alex Jones wore a colourful print shirt. You can get the presenter’s blouse from the French clothing brand Sezane.

Why is Matt Baker at home tonight?

THE One Show’s Matt Baker is working from home for two weeks as he self-isolates after a family member gets a cough. As the show opened tonight, presenter Alex Jones was all alone as she told viewers: “The sofa is empty. No Matt Baker.

Where is the one show filmed now?

Originally produced in Birmingham and then in the BBC Media Village in White City, London, since 2014 the studio has been based in Broadcasting House, the BBC’s headquarters in London.

What time is watchdog on tonight?

Watchdog Live, series 39, will continue at 8pm on Wednesday, May 23 on BBC One. Tonight’s show is the final one of six episodes. The series is filmed live in Salford, Manchester.

Why is the one show not on tonight?

Unfortunately, The One Show is not listed among the BBC shows you can apply for tickets to see. So viewers will just have to get their fix from their sofas. However, to be in with a chance of watching programmes from A Question of Sport to Just a Minute, visit bbc.co.uk/showsandtours/shows.

What is Mat Baker doing now?

Baker will step down from his role tonight, Tuesday 31 March. But fans will still be able to catch him on other BBC shows as he confirmed that he was still going to front Countryfile and BBC Sport coverage.

Is Matt Baker still presenting countryfile?

Countryfile presenter Matt Baker, 42, who announced he will be leaving The One Show last month, has revealed the one thing he had to quit much to his dismay. The small-screen star revealed in an unearthed interview that he was a gymnast-enthusiast during his childhood.

Is the one show finished?

Matt Baker’s final episode of The One Show has been confirmed. … A tweet shared on the official One Show Twitter account, read: ‘After over nine years on The One Show sofa, the time is coming to say goodbye to Matt Baker.

What channel is the one show on?

BBC OneThe One Show/Networks

What is Alex wearing on the one show tonight?

Alex Jones has showed off her love for the UK high street again on The One Show – wearing a pretty floral midi dress from Oasis during Wednesday night’s programme.

Why did Matt leave show?

Matt Baker has signed off as co-host of BBC One’s The One Show after nine years – but did so from home because he is still in quarantine. Baker is at the end of two weeks of quarantine after a family member showed coronavirus symptoms. The BBC has said it does not plan to recruit a replacement.

Where did Alex Jones get her dress?

Alex wore a pretty Oasis dress on Monday’s show Alex’s dress is a bargain buy from Oasis – a brand she is no doubt keen to support since it was recently announced it had fallen into administration amid the coronavirus outbreak in the UK.

Who is the female presenter on The One Show?

ANGELA Scanlon is mostly known for co-hosting The One Show and presenting BBC Two’s Robot Wars. Here’s everything you need to know about the gorgeous TV star…

How do I contact the One Show?

Contact usEmail. theoneshow@bbc.co.uk. Please send in your pictures by emailing them to the above address when requested by the team.Email. oneshowforwardplanning@bbc.co.uk. The One Show team works hard to bring you the best stories from around the UK – and who better to tell us than you.

Who is appearing on The One Show tonight?

Jones and Rajan are joined tonight by cricket legend Henry Blofeld as well as West End star Barbara Dickson.

Why is Matt Baker not on the one show this week?

Doid Matt Baker have coronavirus? Matt wasn’t able to physically be in the BBC studio for his last ever episode of The One Show. This is because he was self-isolating after a member of his family started experiencing symptoms of coronavirus.

Is Alex Jones coming back to one show?

Alex is currently on a two-week holiday after spending 16 weeks without seeing her family. On Friday’s show (July 3) Jones announced her two-week hiatus from presenting duties. She was joined by her replacement, Kym, and assured fans she would return on Monday, July 20.

Is Mat Baker married?

Nicola Mooneym. 2004Matt Baker/SpouseMatt is married to his childhood sweetheart. He met his wife Nicola Mooney, a physiotherapist, when he was performing in the disco show at Pier 39 in Cleethorpes back in the 90s. The couple married at Winston in Teesdale, in 2004.