Which Is Better Oliveboard Or Practice Mock?

Is Testbook good for SBI PO?

Testbook test series is one of the best test series for Banking Exams as it matches almost 80% of the actual pattern.

With the help of detailed analysis after a test, you can identify your weak as well as strong areas and work towards them accordingly..

Is Gradeup good for SBI PO?

The Gradeup Super SBI PO coaching provides you with top faculty classes, excellent study material, mock test for all the important subjects and complete doubt resolution. With Gradeup Super SBI PO, you can also keep a regular check on your preparation using the continuous performance analysis and track record.

Is Gradeup free of cost?

The Gradeup community is completely free to join where students can help each other, practise questions based on exam pattern and syllabus, and discuss doubts. The gradeup app is absolutely worth downloading if you are preparing for any government job exam related to UPSC, Banking, SSC, Teaching, and GATE.

Why mock test is important?

Mock tests help students by giving them an opportunity to revise the syllabus well before the real examinations. Revision is the key to remember all that you have studied. Mock tests help students revise the entire syllabus in the simulated setting of the actual exam.

Can I prepare for SBI PO in 2 months?

Just follow 2 months SBI PO Study Plan and the tips listed above and you can surely crack the SBI PO exam in the first try itself. Join Oliveboard’s SBI PO Titan Batch 2020 now and start your preparation. Also, Check: 100+ Free Mock Tests.

Can a average student crack SBI PO?

Can An Average Student Crack A Bank Exam? There is no such thing as an average student.

Which mock test is best?

Top 5 Best Online Mock Test Series for Banking SSC IAS & NDA (Best of 2020)Top Rank WiseOnline Test SeriesMock Test Link1Adda 247Click here2Online TayariClaim Here3KD CAMPUSClaim Here4Career LauncherClaim Here1 more row

Is grade up good?

Here we simply say that gradeup interface is very good and it looks like you are giving actual exam. So, practicing through Gradeup test series will definitely boost your confidence in actual exam.

Is it possible to crack IBPS PO in 2 months?

Some general tips to crack IBPS PO 2020 in 2 months Prepare a proper study strategy for two months, plan every day of it. Follow the plan religiously. Update yourself with all the news around you. Monthly editions are not enough, watch the news at least for 30 minutes each day.

Is Testbook mock test good?

“Testbook Test series Interface is superb. Just like the real exam. Very good mock tests practice.”

How do you get a grade up Test series?

To buy the banking test series make sure you follow the step by step guide as stated below:Visit the official website of Gradeup.Select the Bank & Insurance Category.Now, select the test series of the required exam.Click on the package shown at the right.You can practice a free mock test before purchasing the pack.More items…

How can I increase my marks in mock test?

How to Increase Mock Score?Analyze to death: Do not analyze percentile trends or some such artificial nonsense. … Attempt the Un-attempted ones: You can take an un-timed test of only the Un-attempted questions in the mock test. … Review the Correct Attempts: … Try out different strategies: … Start giving 1 mock a week: … The Takeaways:

Which mock test is best for IBPS clerk?

Adda247 has been providing both IBPS Clerk Prelims Mock Test as well as IBPS Clerk Mains Mock Test separately as well as a combo pack. The aspiring candidates who are looking forward to the purchase the best quality of Mock tests, then we have all that you want.

Can I crack SBI PO in 1 year?

A: You can crack SBI PO exams by believing in yourself as well as making a concrete preparation strategy. Go through the entire SBI PO exam pattern and syllabus. Prepare a study plan by designating a proper time for all the sections as per your requirements. Now as you finish every topic/chapter, solve its questions.

How many hours should I study for SBI PO?

You should devote 3 to 4 hours a day for to prepare well for SBI PO examination 2019. Revise your study plan and preparation strategy after one month; make necessary changes according to your strength and weakness.

Are Oliveboard mocks tough?

I bought Oliveboard’s mock test series. They were a bit tough … I had bought other mock tests as well but I found Oliveboard to be the best among all because they made sure that I get well accustomed to questions across all difficulty levels.

Is Oliveboard good for SBI PO?

Quantitative Aptitude Preparation Strategy for SBI PO I used to fear quants. Similar to other subjects, Educational channels on youtube also played a bigger role in my preparation. A daily target of 300 questions helped me a lot. The live classes from Oliveboard were also extremely helpful in getting my concepts clear.

How can I increase my bank exam speed?

Do you want solution to increase your speed?Rise early to Practice. Solving the mathematical problems in early morning might be a bit troublesome for the students. … Concept clarification. … Practice and practice more. … Approximation techniques. … Learn the formulas. … Learn squares, cube and tables. … Use Reverse Solving Process.

What is the syllabus of banking exam?

Bank PO SyllabusBank Exam SyllabusBank PO SyllabusLevel of ExamSubjectsSBI PO SyllabusMains ExamReasoning Ability Quantitative Aptitude English Language General AwarenessInterview—IBPS PO SyllabusPreliminary ExamReasoning Ability Quantitative Aptitude English Language6 more rows

Which online test is best for banking exam?

Adda247 is the best website for bank mock test because we are one of the oldest players in banking sector Exam Preparation thus our experience makes us way ahead than any other platform available at present.

Which site is best for banking preparation?

5 Best Websites, Blogs for Bank Exam PreparationWebsite 1: Bankers Daily. The website is Top Rankers – http://banking.toprankers.com/. … Website 2: Bank PO ORG. The website is Bank PO ORG – http://bank-po.org/. … Website 3: Gradestack Gradeup and AffairsCloud. … Website 4: All India Exams. … Website 5: Tamil Cube Bankers Daily. … Which one do you Like?