What Can Zoro Cut?

Can Haki break seastone?

Sea stone does NOT affect the users ability to perform Haki (as far as we know) apart from making them weaker.

However, Haki is a manifestation of your willpower and seastone does not affect that.

However, as stated by Fukourou, Sea stone is as hard as diamond and therefore, for the time being, impossible to break..

Can Zoro beat doflamingo?

Doffy is Conqueror’s haki user which means his haki is much greater than Zoro. So the answer is NO. Zoro can’t defeat him. … So if doflamingo uses awakening power zoro wouldn’t survive.

Is jinbe stronger than Zoro?

Currently, Jinbe is stronger by a decent margin. Blocking Akainu and tanking hits from him, Knocking back Big mom, fight against Ace (who should be pretty close to Yonko commander level when they fought). Zoro doesn’t have many feats, So right now it’s Jinbe.

Is mihawk stronger than doflamingo?

Doflamingo is definitely not as strong as Mihawk. while Doflamingo is somewhere between high-tier vice-admiral and low-tier admira level, Mihawk could potentially even be Yonko level, based on the fact that he used to clash with Shanks.

Can Zoro cut anything?

Zoro recently said “over the night mountains and eight seas and our earthly realm, there is nothing I cannot cut!” He even says it twice in the same chapter, once after cutting through full-body Haki.

Is Zoro stronger than Luffy?

Oda Sensei clearly hints that Zoro is stronger than Luffy in terms of endurance in the Thriller Bark arc. Even before that, Zoro and Luffy had near equal fights (although they were cut short). … Of course Luffy has to fight the main villain throughout, but his power does not match well against a highly skilled swordmen.

Is Zoro stronger than mihawk?

Still Mihawk is stronger than zoro. Mihawk thought zoro how to use Haki so zoro is in basic level of Haki, Not as strong as Mihawk. … According to me Mihawk is as strong as Yonkos. He used to fight with Red Haired Shanks, after shanks lost his arm he is not fighting with him may be because Mihawk is stronger than him .

Can Nami use Haki?

Nami is one of the members of the Straw Hat Pirates, and she serves as the Navigator of the crew. … Eiichiro Oda will likely give Nami the ability to use Haki when that moment arrives.

Is Sabo stronger than Luffy?

There is no way luffy is stronger than sabo. He might have gear 4 but he can do damage only a limited amount of time and then he is probably not abe to use haki for a certain amount of time. While we haven’t seen sabo full power but due to his mastery in haki without any drawbacks he is way above luffy.

How did Ryuma die?

It is not known what happened to Ryuma afterwards aside from him dying from an unspecified sickness at the age of 47.

What is Zoro’s Haki?

Busoshoku HakiKenbunshoku HakiRoronoa Zoro/Haki power

Can Zoro beat Fujitora?

Zoro would definetly put up a solid fight and, with his new sword, Enma, he might even stand a chance of grabbing a victory. However, Fujitora is the stronger overall fighter at this moment in the story. Zoro will one day surpass him, but he has not done that yet.

Can Zoro cut the Birdcage?

There’s no person who has attempted to cut down the Birdcage. Since no one has tried, it’s probably presumed by the swordsmen like Fujitora, Zoro, Trafalgar and Bastille that it can’t be cut. It’s similar to the barriers of Bartolomeo that are indestructible.

Why did Zoro lose his eye?

It hasn’t been revealed yet but it’s obvious that Mihawk did this. People say that his cursed sword started giving Zoro too much power and Mihawk had to stop by striking his left eye.

Does Zoro eat a devil fruit?

ZERO. No “devil fruit” can help with his fighting style- Santoryuu. And now that he has fully grown, any other power boost would be like a distraction only. Zoro will NEVER eat a devil fruit.

Who is stronger Zoro or law?

Zoro is certainly physically stronger and a better swordsman, but Law would beat him in a fight because of the nature of his abilities. … I agree, due to matchups, Sanji could possibly beat Law but Zoro might not be able to. He’s not fast enough. Zoro is not weaker than Law, Law’s fruit is stupidly overpowered.

What powers does Zoro have?

Zoro is an extremely powerful master swordsman, being able to use one, two, and three swords in varying attack styles, going from melee-type all the way to artillery. He is even able to use some sword techniques that utilize the very air itself to strike the enemy from a distance.

Can Zoro cut fire?

Back in One Piece epsiode 598 when Kinemon uses his fox fire techniques to cut the explosion of the Smiley, majority of the OP fans said that Zoro will also get a fire sword or learn the technique to be able to cut fire. … Zoro will somehow fight Lord Orochi during the alliance attack of Onigashima.