Quick Answer: Which Is Our National Symbol?

Who found India flag?

Pingali VenkayyaYet, little is known about the person who designed the Tricolour.

While the flag has undergone changes in the past decades, its basic framework is credited to Pingali Venkayya.

On India’s 73rd Independence Day, ThePrint looks back at the life of Venkayya and his contribution to India’s national flag..

What are the six national symbols?

16 Must Know National Symbols of Incredible IndiaNational Flag – Tiranga.National Anthem – Jana Gana Mana.National Song – Vande Mataram.National Currency – Indian Rupee.National Emblem.National Pledge.National Calendar – Saka Calendar.National River – Ganges.More items…

What is our national sweet?

Jalebi, also known as zulbia, jilapi, mushabak and zalabia, is an Arab and Indian sweet snack popular all over South Asia, and the Middle East.

Which is the national food of India?

India: Due to its diverse culture, India does not have a national dish. There were rumours that the government of India was planning on designating khichdi as a national dish but it was later denied by the government.

What is the name of national symbol of India?

List of National and Official symbols of IndiaSymbolNameNational birdIndian peacockNational flowerIndian lotusNational treeIndian banyanNational fruitMango17 more rows

What is the meaning of our national symbol?

The National Emblem of India The National Emblem of India is the noble Icon adopted from the Lion Capital Ashoka at Sarnath that denotes the motto of Satyamev Jayate (Truth alone Triumphs) Lion capital was adopted as representation in December 1947 as an Emblem of Dominion of India.

What is our national reptile?

king cobraThe peafowl was designated as the national bird, the tiger as the national animal, the gangetic dolphin as the national aquatic animal, the king cobra as the national reptile and the elephant as the national heritage animal.

What is our national fruit?

mangoA fleshy fruit, eaten ripe or used green for pickles etc., of the tree Mangifera indica, the mango is one of the most important and widely cultivated fruits of the tropical world.

Which is our national symbol name?

The national animal, tiger symbolises power; the national flower, lotus symbolises purity; the national tree, banyan symbolises immortality, the national bird, peacock symbolises elegance and the national fruit, mango symbolises the tropical climate of India.

Which is our national river?

GangesThe Ganga or Ganges is the longest river of India flowing over 2,510 kms of mountains, valleys and plains. It originates in the snowfields of the Gangotri Glacier in the Himalayas as the Bhagirathi River.

Which is our national flower?

Lotus (Nelumbo Nucifera Gaertn) is the National Flower of India. It is a sacred flower and occupies a unique position in the art and mythology of ancient India and has been an auspicious symbol of Indian culture since time immemorial.