Quick Answer: What Is A Noun For Transport?

What type of word is transport?


the act of transporting or conveying; conveyance.

a means of transporting or conveying, as a truck or bus..

What is the root word of transport?

late 14c., “convey from one place to another,” from Old French transporter “carry or convey across; overwhelm (emotionally)” (14c.) or directly from Latin transportare “carry over, take across, convey, remove,” from trans “beyond, across” (see trans-) + portare “to carry” (from PIE root *per- (2) “to lead, pass over”).

What is the noun of import?

Noun. import (countable and uncountable, plural imports) (countable) Something brought in from an exterior source, especially for sale or trade. (uncountable) The practice of importing.

What is the noun of flexible?

flex. (uncountable) Flexibility, pliancy. (countable) The act of flexing.

What is the adjective of transport?

Included below are past participle and present participle forms for the verb transport which may be used as adjectives within certain contexts. transportable. Capable of being transported; easily moved. (dated) Incurring the punishment of transportation or exile to another place.

What is the noun of Teleport?

/ˌtelɪpɔːrˈteɪʃn/ [uncountable] ​(usually in science fiction) the act or process of moving somebody/something immediately from one place to another a distance away, using special equipment. a teleportation device.

What is the noun for complete?

Answered March 23, 2020 · Author has 10K answers and 3.1M answer views. “to complete” = Verb Form, “completion” = Noun Form. Verb = “I need to complete this answer to be helpful.” Noun = “The completion of this answer will be helpful.”

What is the adverb of transport?

transportingly. So as to transport, to carry away emotionally.

What is the adverb of flexible?

flexibly. in a flexible manner. Synonyms: nimbly, agilely, easily, gracefully, lightly, briskly, deftly, smartly, spryly, acrobatically, actively, dexterously, lithely, quickly, skilfully, adroitly, lissomly, supply, fleetly, lightsomely, nippily, proficiently, zippily, rapidly.

What function does have transported have?

transported has the function of carrying the basic meaning of the physical relocation of the stones by means of an agent (the Mayans in this case). In other words it’s the verb that carries the central meaning of the verb phrase.

What is the verb of transport?

transitive verb. 1 : to transfer or convey from one place to another transporting ions across a living membrane. 2 : to carry away with strong and often intensely pleasant emotion.