Quick Answer: What Is A Cheeky Smile?

What does cheeky eyes mean?

(adjective) displaying or marked by rude boldness..

What does it mean when a girl smile at you?

She Smiles at You In body language, a smile means “welcome.” That is why shop owners and retailers will welcome you into their store with a smile. A smile gives a good feeling and a warm welcome. If she smiles at you when you go, or she smiles a lot when you talk to her, it’s a very good sign.

What is a cheeky grin?

: boldly rude, impudent, or disrespectful in usually a playful or appealing way a cheeky grin … old-timers who still look like they could deck you if you get too cheeky.—

Is Cheeky positive or negative?

Senior Member. Cheeky is often used as a synonym for “cutely amusing”; “charming” or “infectiously humorous” – children, monkeys, small/young animals are often described as “cheeky” in a positive manner.

What does cheeky mean in Ireland?

The difference between ‘cheeky and ‘cocky’ = ‘Cheeky’ implies someone who is fun-loving and likes to challenge things/people in a fun way. It is generally used as a term of admiration, denoting someone who is different.

What does AFK mean?

away from keysFrequently found in chat rooms of massively multiplayer online games (MMOG), AFK is short for away from keys for when you aren’t actively on a computer.

What is a cheeky person like?

The definition of cheeky is someone who is brash, bold or sassy. A cheeky person always has a witty comeback or response; they “give cheek” by talking back sarcastically. YourDictionary definition and usage example.

What does smile mean in slang?

Meaning. SMILE. Spiritually Minded Is Life Eternal. SMILE. Sweet Memories in Lips Expression.

Why do British say cheeky?

Cheeky: To be cheeky is to be flippant or somewhat of a smart arse. Considering British humor, I’d say most people here are a bit cheeky. … It’s your turn for rebuttal, Britain. Drop a clanger: This is the British version of putting one’s foot in one’s mouth but it sure sounds sillier.

What is cheeky in British slang?

British English: cheeky /ˈtʃiːkɪ/ ADJECTIVE. Someone who is cheeky is rude to someone they ought to respect, but often in a charming or amusing way.

Is Cheeky a bad word?

What does cheeky mean? Cheeky means bold, brash, and a bit rude, but also maybe a little playful and amusing. Cheeky is an adjective that is typically used to describe a person or their actions or comments.

What is another word for cheeky?

In this page you can discover 34 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for cheeky, like: bold, audacious, sassy, smart-alecky, boldfaced, brazen, contumelious, familiar, forward, impertinent and impudent.

What does this mean 👉 👈?

The emoji phrase has now made it over to Twitter where everyone is just as confused. The majority of people agree that it means ‘shy’. As if you were twiddling your fingers together, nervously. … The emoji sequence can be used if you’re about to ask someone a soft, yet risky question, or if you’re just feeling hella shy.

Is Cheeky a compliment?

It means rude or presumptuous, but with a tone of amusement (which may be from respect or incredulity). If it sounded like a compliment, it probably was.

Why do British people say bloody?

Origin. Use of the adjective bloody as a profane intensifier predates the 18th century. Its ultimate origin is unclear, and several hypotheses have been suggested. … The Oxford English Dictionary prefers the theory that it arose from aristocratic rowdies known as “bloods”, hence “bloody drunk” means “drunk as a blood”.

Does cheeky mean cute?

We use the term cheeky here in Southeastern North Carolina to mean mischievous in a cute way. To give too much lip is to be cheeky.

What does OK Boomer mean?

“OK boomer” is a catchphrase and meme used by teenagers and young adults to dismiss or mock attitudes typically associated with people born in the two decades following World War II, known as baby boomers.