Quick Answer: Can You Have 2 Outlook Email Accounts?

How do I switch between Outlook email accounts?

Change profiles in OutlookIn Outlook, Click File > Account Settings > Change Profile.Outlook will close.

You’ll need to start Outlook again manually.The next time Outlook starts, it will display the Choose Profile Dialog..

How many email accounts can Outlook 365 have?

five peopleIf you have a subscription to Office 365 Home, you can share that subscription with up to five people, each of whom also gets to create a personalized email address in your custom domain.

How do I add another email account to Outlook app?

Here’s how you can add multiple accounts to the new Outlook.com for Android app:Step 1: From your Inbox, swipe the screen to the right, or tap on the small arrow in the upper-left-hand corner.Step 2: Tap on the up arrow next to your account nickname to bring up your list of accounts and the “Add account” option.More items…•

Can you have multiple email accounts Office 365?

They can also have more than one email address associated with their Microsoft 365 for business account. … You can create aliases for her so that both email addresses go to Jenna’s inbox. You can create up to 400 aliases for a user.

How do I set up multiple email accounts in Outlook?

How to Set up Multiple Email Accounts in OutlookOpen Outlook and go to the Mail page.Go to the “Tools” menu, and select “Options.”Select the “Mail Setup” tab.Select the “E-mail Accounts” button.The “E-mail” tab will be pre-selected when you come to this window. … Choose your email service type.More items…

How do I setup multiple email accounts in Outlook 2016?

Add Another Mailbox in Outlook 2016To add another mailbox, launch Microsoft Outlook 2016 then click the File tab > click Info tab > Account Settings.In Account Settings, select your current Mailbox and click Change.On the next screen select More Settings.Select the Advanced tab and click the Add button.More items…•

How do I add another email account to Outlook 365?

Add a new account quicklySelect Outlook > Preferences > Account.Click the plus (+) sign > New Account.Type your email address > Continue.Type your password > Add Account.More items…