Quick Answer: Can I Use AirPods With Chromecast?

Can you use headphones while using chromecast?

Listen on Your Headphones If you want to watch something on your TV but don’t want the sound to disturb others in the room, download LocalCast for Chromecast.

It lets you cast video to your television while keeping audio on your device.

Tap Route Audio to Phone on the Now Playing screen, and plug in some headphones..

Can you use Apple products with chromecast?

Compatible apps There is one drawback to using Chromecast with an iPhone or iPad. The list of compatible apps is even smaller on iOS than it is on Android. The device only supports Netflix and YouTube, while Android users also have access to Google Play Music and Movies & TV.

Does chromecast work with Bluetooth or WiFi?

Google revealed yesterday that it will allow its Chromecast streaming stick to cast content without being on the same Wi-Fi network as the device sending it. According to a session Thursday, the Chromecast will be able to pair without Wi-Fi, or even Bluetooth, via an unusual method: ultrasonic tones.

Does chromecast support Bluetooth audio?

You can use a Google HOME (regular, Max, or Mini) to push audio to a Bluetooth speaker or headphone. CHROMECAST can’t do that. Notice that it says “Stream music playing on Google Home to your favourite Bluetooth speakers or headphones”. Homes have a Bluetooth transmitter in them.

Can I use Bluetooth with chromecast?

Now, it looks like the streaming stick lineup is about to get even better with a new model that has Bluetooth functionality. … Currently, the device is only capable of connecting to devices through a standard Wi-Fi connection.