Question: Is No Less Than Meaning?

How do you use no less than?

You use no less than before an amount to indicate that the amount is surprisingly large.

The Amazon is no less than 200 miles wide at its mouth.

He is lined up for no less than four U.S.

television interviews..

What does no less than 10 mean?

The phrase “no less than ten” would usually mean “ten or more”. However, the expression “no less (than)” can also be used to show surprise, and that could include being surprised at what you think is an unusually large number of something.

What does the phrase less is more mean?

The notion that a smaller amount of something can be much more effective than a large amount or too much of it. Sometimes hyphenated and used as a modifier before a noun. Try not to give your characters such lengthy expositions and backstories—remember that less is usually more.

Can’t get no better meaning?

Usually this phrase is used to mean there’s no room for improvement. In this case it’s quite the opposite. … This interpretation has been increasingly likely since about 1984, when the phrase “It doesn’t get any better than this” was adopted as the tagline of a popular series of Old Milwaukee beer commercials.

What’s another word for not good?

What is another word for not good?badterribleawfuldreadfullousypooratrociouscheapcrummyabysmal238 more rows

What does there’s no time like the present mean?

Do or say it now, as in Go ahead and call him—there’s no time like the present.

What does the phrase no less mean?

phrase [cl/group PHR] You can use no less as a way of expressing surprise or admiration at the importance of something or someone. [emphasis] He had returned to England in an aircraft carrier no less.

Is no better than meaning?

If you say that someone is no better than a person who is unpleasant or unkind, you mean that they have behaved in a similar way to this type of person: People who don’t pay for a bus ticket are no better than common criminals. Want to learn more?

Who originally said less is more?

architect Ludwig Mies van der RoheLess is more may refer to: Less is more (architecture), a phrase adopted in 1947 by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Where did the saying less is more come from?

The phrase “less is more” was actually first popularized by a German, the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, who like other people associated with the Bauhaus emigrated to the United States before World War II and took up posts at American architecture schools.

Is more or less an idiom?

somewhat; approximately; a phrase used to express vagueness or uncertainty. Henry: I think this one is what I want, more or less. Clerk: A very wise choice, sir.

WHO said more is more?

Andrea del SartoIt’s said by the painter Andrea del Sarto (who was a real person–1486-1531), in Robert Browning’s 1855 poem by that name. You’ll recognize another well-known line a little later in the same poem.