How Far Should Your Eyebrows Be From Your Eyes?

Do thicker eyebrows make you look younger?

Just like a new hairstyle, a set of well-defined brows can trim away (literally) the years and help you to look younger than you actually are.

Thick, bushy brows are a sign of youth.

As you age, the natural ageing process thins the hair on the body whether it is the hair on your head or on your face..

How much space should be between eyebrows?

Space Brows Right – To figure out how much space there should be between your brows, hold an eyebrow pencil parallel to the side of your nose. The inner edge of your brow should meet the pencil so that each brow starts directly above the nostril.

How do you know if your eyebrows are too far apart?

The Large Gap TestHold a pencil against your right nostril and point it straight up. The point where your brow intersects with the pencil is where your brow should start. … Perform step 1 above on your left eye. If your brow starts further towards the left, it means you probably have a large gap between your eyebrows.

What does it mean when your eyebrows are far apart?

The large gap look is one where the two eyebrows are quite far apart, either on purpose or as a result of overzealous eyebrow maintenance. The large gap, particularly when it is a result of too much plucking or pruning, generally indicates that you are a bit of a worrier.

What is the ideal eyebrow shape?

Since you already have the most coveted face shape, a soft brow with a shallow arch is most flattering; it will maintain the natural balance of your face. A diamond shaped face is balanced, but angular; to soften angles, choose a soft brow with a curved or soft arch.