How Do You Stop GoSURF50?

How do I turn off GoSURF50?

To unsubscribe from GoSURF, text GOSURF STOP to 8080..

How do I add 1gb data to GoSURF50?

1GB of free GoWiFi access….To get GoSURF 50 add-ons:Dial *143# on your Globe smartphone.Type the number 3 for “GoSURF50″Type the number 2 for “Get Add-ons”Type the number 1 for “Add Video MBs” or the number 2 for “Add Surfing MBs” or the number 3 for “Add Validity/Extend” or the number 4 for “Add Unli Calls and Texts”

Can HomeSURF be extended?

Yes, when loading any HomeSURF promo (except HomeSURF15), can stack. Data allocations will be added together and the validity of the promo with the longest validity will apply.

How UNLI call all network in Globe?

Looking for an unli all net promo? Text GOALLNET30 to 8080 for unlimited calls and texts to all networks + 100 MB for 1 day. Go full speed and take your mobile activities to a whole new level. Visit any Globe Store and let our customer care representatives help you get a new Prepaid LTE SIM kit.

How do you stop go UNLI 50 in Globe?

To unsubscribe, just text the keyword to 8080.

Is gosakto90 can be extended?

You can extend the validity of your GOTSCOMBODD90 or GOSAKTO90 subscription for 15 or 30 days. Only your regular or open access mobile data will be affected by this extension. Your unlimited text and 1GB/day data allocation will expire as intended (7 days after registration).

How do I claim freebies on easysurf50?

How to choose your freebie just text EZ50 keyword send to 8080. For example, EZ50 WNP to 8080. For additional 1GB of data for video streaming for 1 day, load 19 pesos on your phone and text EASYWATCH19 to 8080 to register.

What is UNLI Intracall?

OFTA – Charging of “Intra-network and “Inter-network Calls In general, “intra-network calls refer to between subscribers of the same network operator while “inter-network calls are those between subscribers of different network operators.

What is GoAllNet50?

GoAllNet30 – Unlimited Calls and Texts to All Networks + 100MB for Surfing, 1 day. GoAllNet50 – Unlimited Calls and Texts to All Networks + 300MB for Surfing, 3 days.

How do I extend my GoSURF50?

You can also extend your unused MBs by dialing *143# and selecting GoSURF50 > Get Add-ons > Add Validity/Extend > Subscribe to GS Extend. GoSURF50 is stackable so you can carry over your unused data to your new subscription. Just register for a new promo and your unused data will be added to the new promo’s inclusions.

What is GoSURF50 in Globe?

Globe Prepaid’s top selling GoSURF50 promo is now upgraded and supersized with 1 GB of mobile data for surfing alongside unlimited all-net texts and Free Facebook for just 50 pesos, valid for 3 days. … To know more about the new GoSURF50 visit

How do you stop Sakto?

– Text SURFALERT ON to 8080, to prevent any unwanted charges. – Text GOSAKTO STATUS to 8080 to check the subscription status. – Text GOSAKTO STOP to 8080 to stop the promo subscription.

How can I deactivate my globe plan?

I’m providing below an updated guide with Globe’s current interface.Log in to MyAccount at the Enrolled Accounts page, select your Postpaid account. Then go to Requests and Modifications.Click “Disconnect my line”.Select reason for disconnection.

How do I stop all day surfing globe?

Just text GOSAKTO STOP to 8080 and wait for the SMS notification. Send them a message regarding your concern. Below is the format of a sample message you can use to make the unsubscribe process easier: Hi!

Why does load balance decrease?

There is a possibility that you are getting a message for the usage of data a while ago. If your wifi connection is slow or weak, your Android or iOS device may switch to mobile data. So go through the data settings on your phone and ensure that you have not enabled this option.