How Do You Say Amen In Navajo?

How do you say really in Navajo?

translation and definition “really”, English-Navajo Dictionary onlineCopy to clipboard.

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doo kááʼgóó actually.tááshʼaaníí { adverb } actually.en.wiktionary2016.

tʼáásh aaníí indicating surprise at, or requesting confirmation of, some new information..

How do you say boyfriend in Navajo?

There really is no word for girlfriend or boyfriend in Navajo. Some people say “she’ashkii” (my boy) or “she’at’eed” (my girl). Most people tend to mix Navajo and English, such as “Díí shi girlfriend át’é!” (This is my girlfriend!).

How do you say milk in Navajo?

Navajo Word of the Day Abe’ – milk…

What is the Navajo word for friend?

Literally: my friend. The Navajo word ak’is means friend, so shí, ní, or bí is attached to mean my, your, or his (her). This word is essentially used to describe siblings and maternal cousins, but in all of these cases it only applies to people of the same sex.

What does Chee mean in Navajo?

Type: noun; (US, slang) A breast, tit, tittie. Rarely used in the singular, usually used in the plural, chee chees . A breast, tit, tittie.

What are some Navajo names?

Popular Baby Names , origin native-americanNameMeaningOriginAshkiiBoy (Navajo).Native-AmericanAshkii DighinNavajo name meaning sacred child; holy child.Native-AmericanAskookSnake (Algonquin).Native-AmericanAskuwheteauHe keeps watch (Algonquin).Native-American63 more rows

How do you say no in Navajo?

Aoo’ – Navajo Language (Diné Bizaad)

How do u say thank you in Navajo?

Our Navajo word for today is Thank You. It’s good to point out that the Navajo ‘h’ sound is a lot more exasperated when followed by a short (and a short high tone) ‘e’.

What does Aho mean in Navajo?

aho – Wiktionary. Navajo. From Kiowa aho (“thank you”), and loaned to many other Native American languages during the 20th century because it was frequently heard at pow-wows and widely used in the Native American Church (NAC ).

How do you say medicine in Navajo?

This is the Navajo word for medicine. Azee’ is a derivative of the Navajo word for mouth, which is azéé’, since many medicines are taken orally. Azee’ ííł’íní is like saying “the one that makes medicine” and is indicative of an occupation in the medical field.

What is hello in Navajo?

Literally: it is good (alternatively: it is well). This is the way to say hello in Navajo, and is the common Navajo greeting.

Are you okay in Navajo?

The Navajo word hágoónee’ is commonly used in parting, and it roughly means “okay/alright then” in English.

How do you say feet in Navajo?

So shikee’ would be “my foot” and nijaa’ would be “your ear”….These are in the third person:bíla’ – his hand.bigaan – his arm.bikee’ – his foot.bijáád – his leg.bijaa’ – his ear.bik’os – his neck.bigod – his knee.bikétsíín – his ankle.More items…

How do you say love in Navajo?

Ayóó Ánííníshní (I love you in Navajo)

How do you say God in Navajo?

godCopy to clipboard. Details / edit. Dbnary: Wiktionary as Linguistic Linked Open Data. Diyin Ayóo Átʼé diyin ayóí átʼéii. { noun } deity.en.wiktionary2016. haashchʼééh. { noun } deity.

How do you say sleep in Navajo?

This is a Navajo word for sleepiness, or drowsiness.

What does YAH TA HEY mean?

Yah-ta-hey (Navajo: Tʼáá Bííchʼį́įdii) is a census-designated place (CDP) in McKinley County, New Mexico, United States. As of the 2000 census, the CDP population was 580. The English name for this place is an approximation of a Navajo greeting, though the actual Navajo name means “like the devil”, in reference to J.B.

How do you say you are beautiful in Navajo?

Nizhóní means beautiful. On one hand it can refer to something that’s attractive, and on the other it refers to something that is good. This is because the Navajo idea of beauty goes beyond appearances.