How Do I Contact Sprint?

How do I call sprint from my Sprint phone?

ShopNew and current customers.

Shop now 24/7.Call to order.

866-275-1411.Online.Pay by phone.

Call *3 from your Sprint phone to make a payment using our automated system..

How do I email sprint?

Address the mail message to the recipient’s phone number in the Sprint PCS messaging format. The email address should be the 10-digit number at the domain “” For example, if the number is 123-456-7890, the email address would be

What is Sprint 24 hour customer service number?

810 1 817-698-4199Sprint Corporation/Customer service

Does Sprint have a 24 hour customer service number?

If your phone is still not activated, contact Sprint Customer Service at 1-888-211-4727 for assistance.

What does ## 873283 do?

The ##873283# simply used to update the phones PRL. … It’s built and provided by your carrier, and used when your phone is connecting to the tower. It indicates which radio bands, sub-bands, and service provider IDs will be searched for, then allows the phone to connect to the correct tower. This is a free service.

How can I get out of a sprint collection?

Call (855) 938-3044. expert (in the last 60 minutes)! Sprint debt will show on your credit report as a ‘collections account’….Sprint CollectionsNegotiate deletion of the account for payment in full.Dispute the account with all 3 credit reporting bureaus.Work with a professional credit repair company to remove it.

Can I text from Sprint website?

You can go there by signing into account. Go to preferences tab. Choose text messaging and that will take you to Web Texter. Text right here – simply select or enter a number, and type away.

How do I change my sprint email address?

Update your email and Sprint notification settings on sprint.comVisit the Sign in button. … Click the My preferences tab.Scroll to All about me > Email Notifications and click Account & usage notifications.The My preferences window will open.More items…

How do I talk to a human at Sprint?

The fastest way to talk to a real person on Sprint customer serviceBest: Dial 1-888-211-4727. Dial the number above and enter your 10-digit phone number. … Second best: Dial 1-866-866-7509. … Last resort: Dial 1-866-275-1411.

Can I text Sprint customer service?

Text Customer Service is a new service provided by Sprint for you to manage your devices. Instead of waiting on hold for support, you can now send a text to 2273 for answers to your questions from wherever you are.

How do I file a dispute with Sprint?

How Do I Dispute a Sprint Phone Bill?Notify Sprint’s customer service department at the number listed on your invoice. … Explain your dispute and provide Sprint with any and all documentation to support your claim. … If you don’t reach any resolution with the representative, you must pursue your dispute further.